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About Talkstars Class

We, at Talkstars offer supportive and inspirational environments for young inspiring minds to learn and grow with us. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident and creative thinkers and aim at delivering an education that is truly relevant to their future.

We are an early learning academy focused on students and homemakers
development who have a burning desire to transform their personal and
professional lives . Our students walk out with the character and
confidence to make their mark in the world, industry they may serve.

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Why Talkstars

An ISO Certified Organization

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Recommended Courses

English Grammar Class

Become an expert on English Grammar just in 3 months with Talkstars class. English Grammar Class enhances grammar knowledge with lessons, exercises, and practical tips for better writing and communication in different contexts.

Advanced Spoken English

Learn to use advance vocabulary and phrases for better communication and presentation skills along with body languages in interview in 3 months only.

Basic Spoken English

Build your kid’s English speaking confidence in 3 months and give him/her an real life English speaking environment.

Spoken English Practice

Everyday 3  months English speaking practice will help you not only to be fluent in english but also confident in public place. Online platform providing real-time practice for non-native English speakers to improve their spoken English skills.

Japanese Foreign Language

Build your career by working as a linguist in the IT/automobile industry as a Japanese translator/Interpreter with the Japanese Learning Course at Talkstars Class.

Basic Computer Course

Build your career by learning basic computer skills and working on different platforms with the Computer Learning Course at Talkstars Class

Individual Spoken English

Build your English speaking confidence in just 2 months with an expert trainer in 1 : 1 class and solve your personal problems and be a fluent English speaker. Develop your personality, communication and presentation skills for job interview.

Online Meditation

A customizable online meditation service led by experienced teachers, offering personalized sessions and community features for users to connect and practice mindfulness.

Online Counselling

Enjoy a happy, tension free peaceful life consulting with the Counselling expert Mrs. SWATI NAIDU. All types of counselling including family counselling, marriage counselling,carrier counselling, education counselling, disease counselling are provided online and offline.

Online Yoga Classes

Enjoy your mental and physical health by joining Online Yoga class.  This class is for all age groups of people all over India. Both individual and batch classes are available in the morning and evening.

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